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Deb Rox 

I'm Deb Rox, the proprietor of Deb on the Rocks, and though I don't keep normal office hours and blow off most staff meetings around here, I'd love us to grab a cup of coffee or a few fingers of bourbon and stay up all night talking on the porch. Or on a Google Hangout. Whatever works.

You'll find both humor and not-humor posted here. Can't really say when, where or why. I love, and tend to write about, pop culture, obsessing about the Zeitgeist, making the world better, and making cultural pilgrimages both sacred and profane. I had a career (please say that in your Meryl Streep/Isak Dinesen "I had a farm" voice) in domestic violence/rape crisis social services and sometimes I write about that too, as well as about equality, anti-oppression, criminal justice, education, child care and other issues we need to be thinking about. And sometimes I write just straight up parody as a survival tool. It's just how it is.

I hope someday to have the cake to be a Medici-style patron of the arts and social services because I am confident in my keen eye for kindness, genius and trends. I write for online publications and am the Entertainment Editor at BlogHer and consult with businesses and publishers about digital marketing, content strategy, branding and business development. My dog River is one of my heroes. You are probably one, too. 

Please email me at